Songfarmer: Writing More and Better Songs

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The 85-page book describing a songwriting process that will help you self-direct your own songwriting training program- to get better day after day, month after month, year after year.

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From the back cover:
Songs, like crops, can be grown over time with attention and daily cultivation. By maintaining a few key habits - writing, listening, performing, and reading - you can find and collect song “seeds” that you can use in composing sessions to grow into full songs. Composing sessions move back and forth between two styles of writing, an associative FLOW mode and a evaluative EDIT mode, to nourish and prune the songs you get growing. Songfarmer is a process for developing songwriting skills, the cure for the blank page, and the remedy for “getting stuck."

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Songfarmer provides workshops, books, and apps to help songwriters grow more and better songs.

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